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About Recruitme™

Recruitme™ is a locally owned and operated online job seekers network with over 13 years experience in staff resourcing.

With Australia experiencing a major candidate shortage, more than ever businesses are spending extra time, effort and money trying to find the right person for their job:

The shortage isn’t helped by the fact that over 80% of all jobs are filled by passive job seekers who find their next job through networking. Passive job seekers are currently employed and highly employable people.

Recruitme™ is different in that we have a large following of passive job seekers; your Company can access these people while they are still available and before you’ve wasted money on unsuccessful advertising. This is our Select a Job Seekers concept.

There is now a much easier way to find exceptional staff for your business

At Recruitme™; we recognise that traditional recruitment and advertising methods are no longer as efficient as they once were. Poorly placed and poorly written advertisements do not attract the right candidates that have the specific skill sets or experience your business requires.

With our Select a Job Seekers concept you are able to view and select the profiles of potential candidates that have met our Minimum Reference Criteria.

Job advertisements that deliver results

With our Select Jobs option, we develop and implement your advertising, then personally screen potential candidates to provide you with a shortlist of preferred people for you to interview. (We do not use a software filtering program like other online jobs boards, and recruiters.)

85% of all jobs are filled successfully by local people. With this in mind, we developed a concept that will recruit local people for local jobs.

Advertise successfully with Recruitme™ today and don’t waste another cent on ineffective advertising. Your next employee could be just a click away.

Are you our next Star Job Seeker?

Whether you are actively seeking work, or are just waiting patiently for that “perfect” job to come along; Recruitme™ Select Job Seekers have the opportunity to promote themselves online by using our instant online job application form.

By meeting our Minimum Reference Criteria, you are able to promote your skills and experience directly to hundreds of potential local employers that scroll through the list every single day.

You no longer need to fight through thousands of unsuitable jobs and endless online advertising. With our Select Employers, we have done all the hard work for you by personally interviewing the employers, ensuring the job descriptions are accurate, and the companies are workplace friendly.

Register as a Select Job Seeker today and promote your skills to the many registered employers that browse our “ Select a Job Seeker” page.

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