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Are you one of many employers that are re-running your job advertising campaign again and again and again? Wasting your time and money.

80% of all jobs are never advertised in the main stream, they are filled through networking. We are not a Recruitment agency; we are the Job Seeker Network. We are the people you turn to when your Job Advertising is not attracting the right candidates. We offer a Job Advertising & Screening Service with various options to suit your budget. We dominate social media job sites, using our huge network of job seekers gives us access to the passive job seeker market, this is where the best available candidates are browsing and through our targeted advertising campaigns, plus using the right bait we encourage them to apply to your job advert.

"Would you ever think of going fishing without putting bait on the hook?" Would you be surprised to know that 95% of employers go fishing for candidates without putting the bait on the hook; then they wonder why their job advertising is not working. Not only are they fishing in the wrong place, they are not fishing with bait on the hook. What we do for you is identify the best place to go fishing to catch your choice of candidate; we then we work out the best bait to use to catch them.

Our Mission

At long last A cost effective Job Advertising and Screening service that will not cost you thousands of Dollars. As a busy employer, the advertising and recruiting process can cost you thousands of dollars. Most Employers forget about opportunity costs, the true cost to your business when recruiting new staff, you are not focused on your business, this can become a huge cost to your bottom line. The cost to your business while you are distracted trying to find new employees. The cost of ineffective advertising, repeat advertising, over and over again.

The Recruitme™ Job Advertising & Screening Service takes all the hard work and expense out of your recruiting process. Complete the registration process and we will be in touch with you to explain how it works. (There is no cost to register) When you register; you agree to the terms as outlined in the Recruitme™ Privacy Policy Statement.

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What People Say

These days you cannot just run a job advertisement on a big job Board and expect to find the right candidate; you need to plan a targeted advertising campaign across several platforms, and fish where the in demand candidates are hanging out. Social Media Managers are now the future of successful recruitment.

Sarah Smyth
(Recruitme Australia)