Terms & Conditions

CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION OF THE CLIENT: The consideration by the Client or associated parties, of any Candidate presented verbally or in writing, is deemed to constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein.

DEDICATED ASSIGNMENT: Is where the Client retains Recruitme™ Australia on a 'sole agency' basis and all Candidates that apply directly to the client are also referred to us for screening and short listing.

Upfront fee $770 + Gst : An upfront resourcing fee is payable, where indicated,  when you confirm the engagement of our services. The fee is non-refundable.
NOTE: Two advertising campaigns are included in this fee; after that there is a cost of $395 +gst per campaign.

CANDIDATE INSURANCE, replacement guarantee.  Our replacement guarantee period is for the period of time as selected. Starting from commencement of employment for all positions that offer a minimum of 12 months employment.

Should the selected Candidate leave within the replacement period, Recruitme™ Australia will locate a one off replacement for the same position, free of further placement fees,   provided that  the full Terms of business have been met. This guarantee does not apply when economic conditions, company closures, company mergers or significant change in duties affects the position, INCLUDING UNLAWFUL DISMISSAL. Replacement of candidate only; no fee refund.

LIABILITY: Every effort is made to ensure suitability of Candidates presented for interview. However Recruitme™ does not accept liability for loss, expense, damage or delay however occasioned, as a result of our referral and/or your subsequent employment of a Candidate.  At no time does Recruitme™ Australia make the final recruitment decision, this is the sole responsibility of the client.

CONFIDENTIALITY (National Privacy Act) Statement online; www.recruitme.net.au All information supplied by Recruitme™ Australia either written or verbal is confidential and should not be disclosed to any other party without written consent.

To validate your Candidate Insurance, fees must be paid in full within 7 days of invoice date. Accounts not settled within this period remain due and payable but our replacement guarantee does not apply.

Disclosure Statement:

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1st October 2020.